6DN7 giant killer amp using only 2 tubes for stereo

Integrated Power amplifier with volume control
Both kits can be upgraded with tube rectification for 25 EURO
OK you don't believe that 2Watts will do the job ?
We present to you The Killer SE !
Why is it a killer ?Well first of all because it sounds absolutely wonderful .
Many High end amps do not even compare to this one . Secondly it's cheap!
It doesn't use any fancy tubes ( 1 in the PSU) and the Xformers are
quite inexpensive so you can upgrade with an interstage if you like .
The design centers around the 6DN7 , a real performer.
I was actually looking for a small inexpensive triode that could handle
about Pa of 5 to 10 Watts , the 2A3 will do but I am not so fond of its
double plate and the monoplate 2A3 from Krone is magnifique albeit a bit expensive
( 2 of those cost as much as the whole amp! ).
As for simplicity, there are not many possibilities .A capacitor-coupled type
of circuit will do the job and high quality parts will help do the magic .
Since this is not a DHT (direct heated triode) there should not be any hum problems.
For Xformer Zo I Chose a 5K primary because it suits the 6DN7 well.
The HT can be anywhere from 180 and 300 Volts.
Note that the 10/400 cap is an MKP.
Anyway have fun if you intend to build it.
It's a real killer .
About the power supply :
The simplest way is a tube or diode or hybrid rectified choke loaded supply .
It's extremely musical and easy to build .
If you want to use a semiconductor engineered PSU check out the
PSU we offer as a kit.
You can buy a nice housing as well we have 2 models :
The classic one and the modern one with cooling fans and the tubes
and transformers inside (safer) and fits in the pre amp chassis.
As of now only the classic chassis is available.
Price of the finished version: 750 Euro

Photos and schematics :