Velleman K8010 power amp


To people who don't know the Velleman hi-end philosofy , i'll enlighten them in the next paragraph .

As cheap as possible , as simple as possible , no failure before warranty please ,good looks ( sounds familiar ,= they are certainly not the only ones who seem to think that way )

The original circuit is all about functionality , this is done with std components , there is no effort what so ever to do things better .

But then again they offer something that looks good and costs not too much and has plenty of power .

We offer 4 Mods for this kit and each one clearly improve the sound .

Basic Mod1 ( also used in K4040 ) : cost 125 euro

this mod cleans up the driver part where so much is lost , a customer wrote the following article about it

Basically we change tubes , and bias them correctly and use a direct coupled split load fase splitter with the correct loads .The powersupply is also adapted for improved filtering and the diodes are changed to better types , also many components are upgraded to DALE and Audyn capacitors

Advanced Mod 2 : ( also usefull in K4040 ) cost 250 euro

Here the toroid output transformers are substituted for higher quality Lundahl double C cores , this makes a hell of a difference

Simple Mod 3 : cost 50 euro

a small toroid power transformer is added to boost the LOW high voltage to a decent level , allowing the outputtubes a better working point

the input circuit needs a small revision to allow it .

MEGA MOD 4 : cost 350 euro

This mod makes the biggest step forward ( i know as if this where still possible !!! )

The split load fase splitter is dumped , in favor of an interstage fase splitter , using the 2C51 driver tube ( we tried with the E80CC because a customer insisted on it , but he gave up on that tube FINALLY )

Also the powersupply is further improved to accomodate this tube .

after this mod the amp sounds notably better in triode mode and also feedbackless can be played .

A few pictures :

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