Stereo integrated PUSH PULL 300B


For the power hungry out there , you can either go for parallell SE
Which has a lot of inconvenients or you can go for Push Pull

Recently PP has been out of favor by many high end enthousiast

This was mainly due to the upcome of SE and the whole frenzy

around it . just keep an open mind that nothing is really perfect

and that there are many ways of achieving audio nirvana.

One of the big advantages that PP has is the fact that ps ripple
will cancel itself in the output tranny, you still need to filter

it well for the fase inverter .

This design is one of simplicity , no feedback and simple straight
forward textbook design , with negative bias psu , which I prefer

They sound a bit faster , especially in the lows .

You do need a pretty powerfull pre amp to drive this amp
So do not blame the power amp if quality is not up to standards

Try the simple 6SN7 DC coupled pre amp it’s perfect (nothing is)

Here is the schematic :

You can use a HT anywhere from 250 Vdc to 550 Vdc

Which means you can substitute the output tubes from
2A3 , chinese 300B , Cetron 300B , Krone VV32/52 family

The only thing to adjust are the anode load resistors in the 6SL7
and its cathode resistor as well since the bias voltage will change

the filaments for 300B are just parallelled , use separate supply

for each channel .

For the 2A3 they are put in series and the mid point goes to ground
again use separate supply’s


    Kit price :

    Version 2,0 all included with sovtek tubes 300B and NOS6SL7

   cables, capacitors & resistors & tubes , sockets , chassis , transformers

   price kit :       999 Euro excl VAT

   see the picture of finished product .ampli 300B Push-Pull


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