Another EL34 but not just any other !

Frank Mexiani, who is a long time costumer and would like to have his house full of diy but has a wife with very low WAF factor builds stuff for his friends.

And he needed an EL34 cheap amp but still a very good one, so for me its more fun to design a new probably much better version that i dont want to build anyway and have someone else do it. Except this one he braught it back so i could listen to it and it sounds great, tremendous good bass. Usually thats from the powersupply but in this case as i have more or less the same power supply in the std EL34PP amp except that the transformers are different and the design. So again the Lundahl are outstanding , yes i know i sell them :-)

The other reason could be the 2C51 tube , no feedback , the long tail phase splitter ......................

A few pictures followed by the schematic

On demand can be available as a kit, it could use the new boully66 chassis and would be slightly cheaper

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