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The Boully series is the name for a model chassis that can be used for all kinds of projects (PSE & 300B KT88 PP)

You also have all related 300B SEdesigns collected under one page

Below are the pictures, you can click on it to goto the Schematics

All designs published here are copyright and therefore my own intellectual property.

It is permitted to build and copy for your own personal use, not for commercial purposes.

IF you want to help, by computer drawn diagrams PLEASE do so, send me the pdf or jpg or gif file with the same name and I'll use it..

Measurements of max power and harmonics & bandwidth can never match a listening session and are pointless if the amp sounds magical.


Have u ever seen measurements of tubes that explain why they sound different ?

This Stereo 845 can be built in monobloc design. This is a radical step into the 21st century with a switched stabilized power supply. = Power and all the benefits of such filtering and limiters and light weight and only one drawback. That can be. easily addressed

Used tubes PC86 , PL36 , 845

The Rose 845AA


Absolute reference , many custom bits.

The DEMO AMPS are for sale.

Not more available as a kit .

The concept remains unmatched


813 Se

Transimpedantie amp


The DEMO AMP is for sale



The DEMO AMPS are for sale

Sublime SE 6C33 design.

This design is just further developed by me, but is not mine!

The basic concept is very good, and a customer has built these and then I optimised it for him.

It is certainly good enough and interesting to be published.

This design can be found on the web published as Melquiades

A Classic

Stereo SE 2A3

Is always sublime, quiet and perfect for high-efficiency


Alle 300B Designs build over the years

Publication will follow